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Christopher Green



A superb photographic record. I have been reading Roger Squires's book on Waterway restoration, which mentions the Montgomery and decided to have a look on the web....

Only one slight crit: the appearance of some stray apostrophes where they should not be!! (photo's; it's)

   (Spot the deliberate mistakes and let me know where !!! -  Pete)

Alan Barnes

21-11- 2010 21:55

Well done for putting together the website, shame to admit that I‘ve not had a look at the site before, promise to keep a close eye on it in future!.

The before and after photos were fascinating,how much has changed over the years.

Keep up the good work.

Martin Adams

Co Meath

03-04-2010 - 19:20

Thank you for a very interesting site, with excellent photos. I wish
all of you well in your efforts to restore the Montgomery Canal. I
come from Britain, but have lived in Ireland for over 30 years. One of
the greatest things that has changed has been the boom in the
restoration of canals that everybody thought were gone for ever. I
think of the Wilts and Berks Canal especially; and of course, the
Montgomery Canal. Well done to all of you, and thank you. I am
probably too old ever to be able to enjoy the complete restoration;
but my descendants will!

Dave Pass

12-09-2008 - 21:35

Excellent photos, great work. Covered much of the Monty by canoe in 1975, less weed than in recent times in unrestored sections. Link in kingswell website to this website.


21-06-2008 - 18:40

congratulations on the website. I am planning to cruise the canal next month from Frankton. Given the restoration in progress, It's not very clear exactly where the current limit of navigation is; it would be helpful to have that on the website, and the last winding point. I assume its all as the map on the waterscape website.

Ted Harris

08-06-2008 - 23:10

Travelled the length of the canal last week, what a quiet and peaceful waterway it is. The only negative point I have is the bruise on my back from the unprovoked sneak attack by that over aggressive swan. I hear from other boaters that Colin the Lock keeper is being laid off to be replaced by volunteers, I gather that Colin has been there since the very beginning 33 years ago and what he doesn't know about the Monty probably isn't worth knowing. I shall be putting my thoughts on one of those BW feedback forms, along with a comment about the waste disposal sites becomming greener by adding recycle bins for glass and paper.

Peter Crocker

15-05-2008 - 19:38

Very impressive site and an even more impressive amount of work. Well done. Having recently moved to the area you can be sure that I will be a regular visitor.

Mary Awcock

04-05-2008 - 18:17

When was Gallowstree Bridge re-opened. In should remember I was there, but can't.

Paul Mills

04-05-2008 - 16:09

Good to see milepost and extra seat installed between Gronwen and Redwith.

Dinghy Dawdle should bring this new section to life on June 8th.

Excellent progress between Redwith & Pryces.

Len Myers


07-04-2008 - 20:51

hello pete

met you on canal on sat and had a chat i like your site it is very good


Ann Aveling

04-04-2008 - 10:32

Delighted to find the site. Will visit your lovely towpath again this year at the Dinghy Dawdle in June to see what sister Margaret and her restoration friends have achieved.

John & Sandra Dale

27-03-2008 - 23:38

27/03/2008 Many thanks for taking the time to compile such an interesting site. The photos make a lot more sense when you have walked the towpath.

Tony Heyes

15-03-2008 - 00:05

Great pages. Full of nostalgia have been born and brought up on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal and now living in Melbourne Australia.

I envy you all that English - or is it Welsh - beer. We just have cold fizzy stuff out here.

Best wishes from a VERY hot Melbourne.

Ted Harris

21-02-2008 - 11:23

I'm looking forward to owning a boat and discovering this canal. Has anyone documented the disused Weston branch?

Gilbert Till

16-02-2008 - 13:40

What a fantastic web site,i pass by the canal quite a lot and i am always amazed by the progress made in restoration.

Mary Griffiths

08-02-2008 - 15:36

This sites great! i get to see my house!! and the surroundings of where live. i live in Queens Head right next to the Canal on the montgomery and my dad works (Howard Griffiths) as well as my grandad before he passed away. it's great going to visit canals it's so peaceful!

Philip Hodge

28-12-2007 - 14:55

Fantastic website.

I was looking at the canal while driving up from wales and found your great website. 5 stars!!!!!

Richard Dibble

13-12-2007 - 17:46

Walked the new section in water from Redwith,a fine frosty day and canal frozen over,but sky was blue and views beautifull.Great web site,Pete.

mike vye

05-12-2007 - 15:50

Really nice updated photos of navvy through to redwith pete

P Bartlett

18-11-2007 - 22:05

I Hope you are successful in restoring the canal for the whole length. If the Thames & Severn can work at it as apparently the case, why not the Montgomery?


22-09-2007 - 21:01

Great site enjoyed the visit.

Paul Mills

18-08-2007 - 17:40

enjoyed my first visit to the site. Crickheath is progressing well as is the Gronwen/Redwith contract

hope for another section opening to navigation before long. S U C S

John Trend

10-08-2007 - 23:49

I enjoy watching progress on the "Monty". I remember passing the derelict entrance from the Llangollen canal back in the early 1960s